Maternity - all sizes/seasons - as some of us "run" hot and cold while pregnant :-)

Newborn thru size 14/16 for boys and girls.

Cleats & dance shoes

All clothing should meet the following requirements:
  • Freshly laundered.
  • ALL items must be smoke free and pet hair free.
  • All items must be on hangers (childrens and maternity) - you can pickup hangers in the store if you need them.
  • Free of any stains, holes or wear. Please no worn or faded clothing.
  • All buttons, snaps and zippers in working order and closed.
  • Children’s shoes should be like new. They must be free of scuff marks and no excessive wear. PLEASE clean the dirt off of the bottom of them!!!

All items should be in ready to sell condition when you bring them in. For this reason we cannot accept clothing in garbage bags. When selecting items for consignment, ask yourself if they are in the condition in which YOU would like to buy them yourself.

Items we sell:

Nursery and Childrens Furnishings/items:

Changing tables, gliders, rocking chairs, playpens, dressers, lamps, nightlights, mobiles. Strollers (double, single, snap-n-go), high chairs, toddler beds, bouncers, jumpers, bumbo seats (MUST have the recall straps), swings, baby monitors, boppy pillows (extra covers), walkers, small table/chair sets, books in excellent condition. Kitchen play sets, workbenches (please bring accessories that go with them in a bag).

All baby equipment MUST have straps -- we cannot accept equipment (high chairs, swings, etc. without straps)

PLEASE be sure to run any/all seat covers for baby items thru the washer prior to bringing them in. The cleaner the item the more it will sell for.

Little people sets, train items, educational toys.

Items will only be accepted if in excellent condition and provided they meet all current safety standards

Baby gear is often recalled for minor problems. Please do a quick recall search before bringing items in to save you the trouble transporting them in the event there has been a recall. You can do a search on the Consumer Product Safety Commission web site:

For information on cribs please visit

We cannot accept any recalled item for resale.

Breast Pumps - We no longer accept breast pumps

Items we cannot accept (list may change as we go along):

  • Baby bath tubs, baby chew toys
  • Plug-n-play games, puzzles with more than 50 pcs.
  • Baby Bedding - it doesn't sell very well
  • Cribs - no longer selling cribs SORRY!
  • Bumbo seats UNLESS they have been fixed due to the recent recall -- if they have been fixed then bring them in :)
Maternity, Baby and Children's clothing-toys-more!!
Consignment & Resale Items