Management will set pricing. 

We reserve the right to reduce items at anytime.
Consignment Process Information/Forms:

Appointment information:

Please call to schedule an appointment to bring in your items. We will go thru the items when you arrive and decide what we will accept. The items that we do not accept you can take with you OR you can leave them and we will donate them. PLEASE do not be offended if we do not take your items. Certain things do not sell and it is nothing against you or you things if we cannot take you items. If you do not have an appointment and wish to come in please call and we may be able to accomodate you that day.

At this time accept most items BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, please call ahead of time to see if we can take your items. Cleanout your closets, basements, garages, attics and bring in those items, many several appointments at a time if you need to. Please review the items we sell page for reminders on how to prepare your items.

ALL clothing items MUST be on hangers - you can either hang them & bring them in OR hang them in the store when you come in. We can supply you with hangers if you need them.

My job is to make YOU the most money, so the better your items look, the more money you will potentially make.
All unsold items will be donated at the expiration date UNLESS you choose to come into the store and pull the items yourself.
Please read over our agreement, sign and bring with your or you can sign it in the store.
Maternity, Baby and Children's clothing-toys-more!!
Consignment & Resale Items
*** Effective July 15, 2016 ***
Any account that has not had activity in the last 12 months will be charge a $5.00 fee for inactivity. This charge will be deducted annually. 

example accounts will be checked on 7/15/16: last activity 1/1/15 - account will have a $5.00 debit on 7/15/16, still no activity on 7/15/17 there will then be another $5.00 debit, and so on until there are no further funds in the account.